HR Software for Small & Medium Businesses

A warm welcome to Crocodile®. We are a dynamic HR solution business and provide very powerful HR software and a fantastical HR advice service.

Providing easy to use HR Software has given our customers confidence that they are complying with all the relevant UK employment laws.

Our Crocodile® Advice service has really helped our customers ensure they are fully compliant.

Snappy HR Software

As you’d expect, Crocodile® is quick and snappy. In addition, our HR Software is designed precisely for small and medium UK businesses.

We know you are very busy. So we want to make holiday management and time and attendance as quick and snappy as possible. So you and your team can quickly book and view the holiday calendar. Crocodile® HR Software takes into account bank holidays, TOIL, to accurately calculate holidays and deductions.

Affordable HR Software and a Managed HR Service

Crocodile® Advice and Crocodile® Protect are two additional product offerings that really deliver exceptional value to our customers.


Crocodile® Advice

Our advice service offers you and your business unlimited telephone and digital support for your business.

Our highly skilled HR professionals are available to talk you through and give accurate advice on how to handle HR related issues for a low monthly fee. Saving your business significant amounts of money compared to hiring your own in-house HR Director or third party HR consultancy.

Crocodile® Protect

Crocodile® Protect is comprehensive HR Insurance that protects your business from legal ramifications.

You can have complete peace of mind that our advice offered by our specialist HR advisors is robust, accurate and fully compliant.

Crocodile® Protect is only available to Crocodile® Advice subscribers. Terms and conditions apply.

What is Crocodile HR Software?

Crocodile HR Software is special software designed for businesses with up-to 75 employees. It helps businesses manage the HR and Payroll side of your business. Its core benefits are:

  1. Compliance – Comply with UK Employment Law, HMRC by guiding your through a simple process to ensure you are legally compliant. 
  2. Holiday Management – Keep track of your holiday calendar in one central place. 
  3. Employee Database – Securely store all the information about your employees in one central location. No more shared folders, or Outlook folders!
  4. Payroll Calculations – Accurately calculate Payroll based on TOIL, Holidays, Sickness, Zero hour contracts, etc. If you outsource your Payroll your accountant can use this data to produce your HMRC compliant Payslips
  5. Document Storage – Store your policies, company handbooks and other HR related documents in one central location.

Does Crocodile include holiday management software?

Staff leave and holiday management can be tricky for most small to medium businesses. Here at Crocodile we’ve built an easy to use Holiday management system with Employee Self Service to save time when it comes to managing holidays and absence. Your HR data is stored safely and securely. The Crocodile HR human resource management system will really help your business run more smoothly.

Is it Secure and where is my data stored?

Crocodile HR runs on the Microsoft Cloud. We have two data centres in London and Cardiff. 

Security is foundational for Crocodile HR. We take advantage of multi-layered security provided across physical data centres, infrastructure and operations with cyber security experts actively monitoring to protect your business assets and data.

Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. We take UK GDPR (Data Protection Act 2018) very seriously. Please read more about our GDPR and Security policies on our legal page. 

How is Crocodile designed with small business in mind?

From the usability of our human resource information system to the flexibility of our payment plans, we created Crocodile HR from the ground up specifically for small business. We support companies with up-to 75 active employees.

Crocodile HR Software

Find out more about Crocodile HR Software and how it can help your business comply with UK legislation.

Crocodile Advisor+

Find our more about our Crocodile Advisor+ package. Providing your business with expert HR Advice & Support.